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Foster Caregiver Progress Form

The Foster Caregiver Progress Form below gives foster caregivers the opportunity to provide valuable information about how the child in their care is doing and exercise their legal right to be heard in court.

  • Foster caregivers are encouraged to complete the form before the child’s next court hearing.
  • A separate form should be completed for each child.
  • Foster caregivers should provide any current information considered relevant since the child was placed in their care.

Once completed, the form will be sent to the appropriate DCFS case worker. DCFS will submit the form to the court and make sure all parties involved in the case get a copy of the form.

If you would like more information, check out the Court Process & Legal Rights Guide for Foster Caregivers.

Digital Signature

I have agreed to submit the form by electronic means. By signing this form electronically, I certify that I am aware of the penalties for intentional misrepresentation of the facts including a charge of perjury for any false claim. I understand that an electronic signature has the same legal effect and can be enforced in the same way as a written signature.

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