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Adoption - Reunion Voluntary Registry

The Louisiana Adoption Voluntary Registry is a registry established by the Department of Children & Family Services to facilitate voluntary contact between adult adoptees, their birth parents and/or siblings. Below are Frequently Asked Questions and forms for completion of the Adoption Reunion Registry.

Who May Register?

The following people are eligible to use the Voluntary Registry:

  • an adopted person who is at least 18 years of age,
  • a biological parent, a biological sibling who is at least 18 years of age,
  • a parent or sibling or descendant (or his parent if a minor) of a deceased biological parent,
  • an adoptive parent of a minor adopted child,
  • an adoptive parent or descendant of a deceased adopted person (or his parent if a minor)

What Happens If There Is A Match?

If there is a match after registration, both parties will be required to complete one hour of counseling. Upon receipt of the completed counseling forms from both parties, the Registry will submit a written letter to the counselor of the adopted person (or the party representing him if he is a minor or is deceased) providing the details of the match. This counselor shall then contact the matched registered parties in a careful and confidential manner to give them the information to contact each other.

Will DCFS Help Me Search?

No. The Louisiana Adoption Voluntary Registry is a "passive" match registry and does not search. All contacts through the Registry are by voluntary mutual consent.

If I'm Registered, Will DCFS Tell Me If the Person I'm Seeking Contact With Is Deceased?

In any case where one or both of the birth parents are deceased, or where the adopted person is deceased and this fact is known by the Voluntary Registry, this information shall be disclosed to any person who has registered.

For more information, call toll-free 1-888-LAHELP-U (1888-524-3578)

How Do I Get On The Registry?

To register, print and complete the forms below.

  • Form 447 A - Affidavt of an Adopted Person
  • Form 447 B - Affidavit of Biological Mother
  • Form 447 C - Affidavit of Biological Father
  • Form 447 D - Affidavit of Biological Sibling of an Adopted Person
  • Form 447 E - Affidavit of a Parent of a Deceased Biological Parent
  • Form 447 F - Affidavit of a Descendent of Any Degree of a Deceased Biological Parent
  • Form 447 G - Affidavit of a Sibling of a Deceased Biological Parent
  • Form 447 H - Decendent of a Deceased Adopted Person
  • Form 447 I - Adoptive Parent of a Minor or Deceased Adopted Person
  • Request for Adoption Verification Form

    Send completed paperwork to:
    The Louisiana Adoption Voluntary Registry
    P.O. Box 3318
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821

To request a registration packet be mailed to you, call (225) 342-9922 or complete the Online Voluntary Registry Form.

The packet will include all necessary forms and instructions. Registration will occur upon receipt of completed registration packet information and the one time $25.00 registration fee. Registration remains in effect indefinitely, unless withdrawn by registrant's written request.

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