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Securing SSI/SSDI Benefits for Foster Children
Solicitation for Proposal (Posted 07.30.18)
Addendum #1 (Posted 08.14.18)

Residential Services
Solicitation for Proposal (Posted 05.25.18)
Questions and Answers (Posted 06.06.18)

Residential & Therapeutic Foster Care Services
Solicitation for Proposal (Posted 03.06.18)
Questions and Answers (Posted 03.27.18)
Notice of Cancellation (Posted 05.24.18)

Family Violence Prevention & Intervention Program
Solicitation for Offers (Posted 04.05.18)


Family Violence Prevention & Intervention Program
Solicitation for Offers (Posted 03.30.17)
Budget Sheet (Posted (03.30.17)
SFO Application (Posted 03.30.17)

Paternity Establishment and In-Hospital Based Paternity

Request for Proposal (Posted 07.03.17)


Chafee Foster Care Independence Program (Lafayette Region)
Request for Proposal (Posted 10.24.16)
Questions and Answers (Posted 11.07.16)

Alternative to Abortion Initiative
Request for Proposal (Posted 07.20.16)
Questions and Responses (Posted 08.03.16)

Homelessness Initiative
Request for Proposal (Posted 6.20.16)
SNAP Quality Control Review
Request for Proposals (Posted 04.25.16)
Award Letter (Posted 07.01.16)
Family Violence Prevention & Intervention Program
Solicitation for Offers (Posted 04.20.16)
Budget Sheet (Posted (04.20.16)
SFO Application (Posted 04.20.16)
Medical Therapeutic Foster Care Services
Solicitation for Proposal (Posted 04.14.16)
No Questions Received (Posted 04.26.16)
Change in Schedule of Events (Posted 05.24.16)
No Questions Received (Posted 06.01.16)
Chafee Foster Care Independence Program
Request for Proposal (Posted 04.14.16)
Questions and Responses (Posted 05.09.16)
Addendum #1 (Posted 05.19.16)
Alternative to Abortion Initiative
Request for Proposal (Posted 03.29.16)
Budget Sheet (Posted 03.29.16)
Questions and Responses (04.21.16)
Addendum #1 (Posted 06.24.16)

2014 - 2015

Residential and Therapeutic Foster Care Services
Request for Information (Posted 11.04.15)
Questions and Answers (Posted 11.16.15)
Therapeutic Foster Care Services
Solicitation for Offers (Posted 10.30.15)
Certification Statement (Posted 10.30.15)
Questions and Responses (Posted 11.09.15)
Monroe Region Family Resource Center
Request for Proposal (Posted 10.14.15)
Certifcation Statement (Posted 10.14.15)
RFP Budget (Posted 10.14.15)
Board Resolution for Corporations (Posted 10.14.15)
Residential and Therapeutic Foster Care Services
Soliticiation for Offers (Posted 08.07.15)
Certification Statement (Posted 08.07.15)
Questions and Responses (Posted 08.25.15)
Notice of Cancellation (Posted 10.27.15)
Family Violence Prevention and Intervention Program
Solicitation for Offers (Posted 04.07.15)
SFO Application (Posted 04.07.15)
Genetic Testing
Request for Proposals (02.02.15)
RFP Addendum #1 (02.27.15)
RFP Addendum #2 (03.13.15)
SNAP Quality Control Review
Request for Proposal (01.14.15)
Questions and Responses (01.26.15)
Family Violence Prevention and Intervention Program
Solicitation for Offers (Updated 04.24.14)
SFO Application (Updated 04.28.14)
SFO Budget (Posted 04.04.14)
Amendment #1 - Deadline Change (Posted 05.01.14)
Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (DSNAP)
Request for Information (Posted 02.07.14)


Strategies To Empower People (STEP)
Request for Proposal (Posted 10.10.13)
RFP Addendum 01 (Posted 10.25.13)
RFP Addendum 02 (Posted 10.29.13)
RFP Budget (Posted 10.10.13)
Public Law 104-193 (Posted 10.11.13)
Questions and Responses (Posted 10.29.13)
Notice of Cancellation (Posted 04.17.14)


DBA/DB2 Contract Support
Requests for Proposals
(Posted 09.02.13) (Amended 09.03.13)
Questions and Answers (Posted 09.23.13)
Q&A Addendum #1 (Posted 09.27.13)
Family Violence Prevention and Intervention Program
Solicitation for Offers (Posted 05.13.13)
Homelessness Intiative
**No questions received in regards to RPF**
Request for Proposal (Posted 04.25.13)
RFP Budget (Posted 04.25.13)
Solicitation for Medical Therapeutic Foster Care
Solicitation for Proposers (Posted 03.19.13)
Questions and Answers (Posted 04.18.13)
Quality Rating System (QRS) Services
Request for Proposals (Posted 02.22.13)
RFP Addendum #1 (Posted 03.08.13)
Questions and Answers (Posted 03.08.13)
RFP Budget Form (Posted 03.08.13)
LASES Information Technology Support
Request for Proposals (Posted 12.10.12)
Questions and Answers (Posted 01.16.13)
Louisiana Child Care Rating System (TQRIS) Services
Notice of Cancellation (Posted 11.21.12)
Request for Proposals (Posted 10.24.12)
Questions and Answers (Posted 10.30.12)
Alternatives to Abortion Initiative
Questions and Answers (Posted 11.01.12)
Request for Proposals
(Posted 10.22.12)

Final Budget (Posted 10.22.12)
Notice of Pending RFP (Posted 10.09.12)
Request for Proposals (Posted 06.27.12)
Final Budget (Posted 06.27.12)
Questions and Answers (Posted 07.09.12)
Traditional Living Apartments
Request for Proposals (05.30.12)
Notice of Cancellation (Posted 06.18.12)
Chafee Foster Care Independent Program Services
Request for Proposals (Posted 05.25.12)
Questions and Answers (Posted 06.12.12)
Notice of Selection (Posted 06.29.12)
Alternatives to Abortion Initiative
Request for Proposals (Posted 05.21.12)
Final Budget (Posted 05.21.12)
Questions and Answers (Posted  06.07.12)
Notice of Cancellation (Posted 06.08.12)
Upgrade the ACESS Application from Curam Version 4.5_SP02 to Curam Version 5.2_SP6
Request for Proposals (Posted 05.18.12)
Questions and Answers (Posted 06.12.12)
Strategies to Empower People (STEP) Transportation
Request for Information (Posted 05.03.12)
Emergency Solutions Grants Program
2012 Application Package (Posted 04.02.12)
Substantial Amendment (Posted 05.01.12)


Upgrade the ACESS Application from Curam Version 4.5_SP02 to Curam Version 5.2_SP4
Request for Proposals (Posted 12.05.11)
Questions and Answers (Posted 12.27.11)
Notice of Cancellation (Posted 03.29.12)
Rational Administration Contract Support
Request for Proposals (posted 07.22.11)
Infrastructure Maintenance And Support for FY2012
Request for Proposals (Posted 07.20.11)
Request for Proposals - Amended (Posted 08.10.11)
RFP Amendment #1 (Posted 08.10.11)
Questions and Answers (Posted 08.10.11)
Random Moment Time Study System and Services
Request for Proposals (Posted 04.21.11)
Coordinated System of Care First Phase Implementation
Request for Applications (Posted 03.14.11)
Required Form (Posted 03.14.11)
Genetic Testing
** The schedule of events has been suspended. Proposal submission deadline has been extended, with a new date to be announced.***

Request for Proposals (Posted 03.14.11)
Questions and Answers (Posted 04.11.11)
Request for Proposals - Amended (Posted 05.12.11)
Child Care Resource and Referral Services
Request for Proposals (Posted 03.04.11)
Questions and Answers (Posted 03.15.11)
Emergency Shelter Grants Program
2011 Application Package (Posted 02.28.11)
Document Imaging and Content Management
Request for Proposals (Word Format) (Posted 11.12.10)
Request for Proposals (.pdf format) (Posted 11.12.10)
Addendum #1 - Change in Proposal Opening Date (Posted 11.29.10)
Document Imaging/Content Managment Bidders' Library
Quality Assurance Transformation
Request for Proposals (Posted 10.28.10)
Updated Request for Proposals (Posted 12.03.10)
QA RFP Amendment #1 (Posted 12.03.10)
QA RFP Amendment #2 (Posted 12.07.10)
Quality Assurance Transformation Bidders' Library
DBA/DB2 Contract Support
Request for Proposals (Posted 09.16.10)
Common Access Front End (CAFÉ) 
Request for Proposals (Posted 09.08.10)
Updated Request for Proposals (Posted 09.09.10)
CAFÉ RFP Amendment #2 (Posted 10.01.10)
CAFÉ RFP Amendment #3 (Posted 10.06.10)
CAFÉ RFP Amendment #4 (Posted 10.06.10)
CAFÉ RFP Amendment #5 (Posted 10.15.10)
CAFÉ RFP Amendment #6 (Posted 10.15.10)
CAFE Bidders' Document Library
Contingency Contract for Technical Support at PPP - Parish Pickup Points - and State Run Shelters
Requests for Proposals (Posted 08.24.10)
Questions and Answers (Posted 09.21.10)
Genetic Testing
Request for Proposals (Posted 08.03.10)
Questions and Answers (Posted 08.31.10)
Q and A - Addendum (Posted 09.07.10)
Cancellation Notice (Posted 11.08.10)
Family Assistance Technology Support
Request for Proposals (Posted 04.08.10)
Amended Request for Proposals (Posted 04.08.10)
Revised Request for Proposals #2 (Posted 04.29.10)
Questions and Answers (Posted 04.29.10)
Homeless Initiative (April 2010 – June 2011)
Notice to Proposers (Posted 02.15.10)
Request for Proposals (Posted 02.15.10)
Questions and Answers (Posted 02.23.10)
Amendment #1 (Posted 02.25.10)


Quality Rating System Services
Notice to Proposers (Posted 12.02.09)
Request for Proposals (Posted 12.02.09)
Questions and Answers (Posted 12.16.09)
Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) Freedom Schools Summer Program
Solicitation for Proposals (Posted 10.28.09)
Statement of Work (Posted 10.28.09)
Notice to Proposers (Posted 10.28.09)
Questions and Answers (Posted 11.09.09)
Staff Augmentation for Legacy System Support - TIPS
Request for Proposals (Posted 10.02.09)
Questions and Answers (Posted 10.26.09)
Poverty Prevention and Intervention
Solicitation for Proposals (Posted 09.16.09)
Notice to Proposers (Posted 09.16.09)
Questions and Answers (Posted 09.24.09)
Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) and Children's Defense Fund Freedom School Services
Solicitation for Proposals (Posted 09.16.09)
Notice to Proposers (Posted 09.16.09)
Questions and Answers (Posted 09.24.09)
LASES IT Support for DSS OFS Support Enforcement Services
Request for Proposals (Posted 08.03.09)
Questions and Answers (Posted 08.20.09)
Homeless Supports and Housing Program "Safe Haven"
Request for Proposals (Posted 07.22.09)
Questions and Answers (Posted 08.07.09)
Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing 
Notice of Funds Available (Posted 07.15.09)
EITC Outreach/Free Tax Assistance Programs
Solicitation for Proposals (Posted 06.16.09)
Notice to Proposers (Posted 06.16.09)
Questions and Answers (Posted 07.28.09)
Redesign and Implementation of Improved Cost Allocation Plan
Solicitation for Proposals (Posted 04.06.09)
Question and Answers (Posted 04.24.09)
Amendment #1 (Posted 06.04.09)
Amendment #2 (Posted 07.06.09)
Staff Augmentation for DSS Modernization project
Solicitation for Proposals (Posted 03.12.09, Ammended 04.08.09 and 04.20.09)
Questions and Answers (Posted 04.02.09)
Pre-Proposal Conference Attendees (Posted 04.02.09)
Amendment #1 (Posted 04.08.09)
Amendment #2 (Posted 04.20.09)
Executive Management Innovation and Training RFP
Questions and Answers (Posted 5.19.08)
Request for Proposals (Posted 05.06.08)
Blind Vendors Trust Fund RFP
Request for Proposals (Posted 04.04.08)
 Family Resource Center (Lafayette Region) RFP
Questions and Answers Updated (Posted 05.06.08)
RFP Correction (Posted 04.24.08)
Request for Proposals (Posted 04.18.08)
Proposal Cover Sheet Form (Posted 04.18.08)
Board Resolution Form (Posted 04.18.08)
Summary Budget Form (Posted 04.18.08)
Genetic Testing RFP 
Amendment #3 (05.08.07)
Questions and Answers (04.27.07)
Pre-proposal Conference Attendees Log (04.25.07)
Amendment #2 (04.25.07) 
Amendment #1 (04.17.07)
Request for Proposals (04.11.07)

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