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Emergency Preparedness

DCFS prepares year round for hurricane season and other unforeseeable emergencies. Our Emergency Preparedness (EP) planning is based on 4 strategic goals.

Goal 1:  Develop and maintain a good working relationship with Local, State and Federal stakeholders
Goal 2:  
In coordination with GOHSEP, the Red Cross and Local Directors, continue to identify potential locations and resources in order to reach in-state shelter independence for citizens that will need government sponsored assistance to evacuate the coastline of the state.
Goal 3:  
Improve/ Maintain Staff Readiness in Emergency Support Function 6 Responsibilities.
Goal 4:  
Sustain/Improve Logistic Readiness.


Recovery Support Function 3 – Health and Social Services


Personal Preparations

DCFS stresses the importance of individual and family preparations for an emergency. The links below are a treasure trove of information that will help see you and your family through any disaster, from creating an emergency kit with food, water and other necessities to preparing a personal evacuation plan and readying your home.

Louisiana Weather Alerts

Louisiana Weather Forecasts
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Governor's Office of Homeland Security
and Emergency Preparedness
National Oceanic and Atmospherich Administration

NOAA Hurricane Home Page

Understanding Hurricanes: Flyer
(From NOAA)
 Hurricane Safety Flyer

Hurricane Safety Flyer
(From NOAA)
Southeast Louisiana Hurricane Evacuation Guide

Louisiana Emergency Preparedness Guide